Refund Policy is committed to process all refunds within 3-5 Working days.

Please note that NO REFUND CEDIT IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT . If Any Refund Amount Credit in your Fastseva Wallet Only

Who can get a refund? gives refund if payment is successful, and payment is credited to Fastseva balance but user is not able to get recharge.

How to request a refund?

Fill in the Customer Support form and mention clearly your current Fastseva balance and what problem you are facing with recharge.

Please note that refund take 3-5 Working days to process the refunds in your fastseva wallet.

I made a payment, but my mobile did not get recharged. What to do?

Login to , go to My Account and check your Fastseva balance. If your payment is reflecting in Fastseva balance, click on “Recharge” button against the cell number. If payment is not added to Fastseva balance, Fill in the Customer Support form and mention the transaction reference number you got from the payment. All such requests will be processed within 24 hours and payment will be added to Fastseva balance.

What if I have excess Fastseva balance but I don’t want to use it?

According to RBI regulation, it is not possible to convert wallet amount into currency, therefore, we cannot refund unless there is a problem with recharge.